Life Safety And Security Products

If you’re looking for the highest quality, industry standard life safety and electronic security systems products and services, look no further than Maximized Security Systems.

We take pride in our careful selection of quality security products for your home or commercial business. All product offerings are from  brands you know and trust, and backed by Manufacturer’s warranties ranging from two to five years

Fire Detection Solutions

Our Fire alarm products protect your family and home from destruction caused by fire, smoke, or harmful gases. When either is detected, emergency are personnel summoned automatically by the controller’s built-in communicator.

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Medical Alert Solutions

Our medical Alert products are designed to help seniors with limited mobility alert a loved one, or summon our 24/7  Emergency Response Center at the push of a button, or upon a detected fall. Various options for signaling help are available.

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Access Control Solutions

Our Access Control Products integrates software and security technologies capable of meeting the needs of any sized facility.When you need to control access into secured areas, put our solutions to work for you.

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Intrusion Solutions

Intrusion detection products (also know as burglar alarms) detect an intrusion into your home or business when the system is armed. Various devices are installed to detect the opening of doors and windows, or movement in the protected areas

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Video/CCTV Solutions

Our Video surveillance products allow you to keep close watch over your home or business and observe its surrounding areas. This is accomplished through the use of cameras strategically placed on the exterior and interior of the home.

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